Monday, July 20, 2020

Covid19 Update

Covid Case Map as of July 17, 2020 /Mexico News Daily
The Covid-19 epidemic has been difficult to get under control throughout Mexico, although some areas are more hard-hit than others.    Tourist areas such as Quintana Roo's Rivera Maya say they are safe for tourism, with special readiness certification available to businesses. However this area, among others, has just been returned to the highest level of Covid alert (red).

In some locales where tourism is again permitted, authorities are enforcing compliance with safety guidelines. Recently, in San Miguel d'Allende two tourists were arrested and fined for not wearing masks.

There are online resources available to people seriously interested in Mexican travel.
Mexico News Daily is an online daily newspaper that is available for a very low subscription fee and offers detailed information about the covid situation in Mexico.

Another good source is the English language Yucatan Times, which seems to offer a fair perspective on the Covid situation as reflected in the following article-  But, any one periodical does not have the entire story and in contrast to this, is another article about a creative solution to in-person worship.

 Mexico is a wonderful country, but right now travel there is uncertain and definitely at your own risk. The situation there is fluid.  For instance, in the state of Oaxaca, the governor has just asked citizens to undertake a ten day voluntary confinement. In Juchit├ín in the south of the Oaxaca, there has been a mandatory five day shut-down of businesses which may be extended .   Using online resources to assess the situation on the ground is a good way of watching and waiting until the situation seems improved. It's a good idea to check the US Embassy's website for travel restrictions before booking a flight.