Monday, June 16, 2014

The Historic Organs of Oaxaca with Video of Organ Concert Rehearsal

Organ, Baslilica de La Soledad, Oaxaca 

The Mexican state of Oaxaca has numerous historic pipe organs and a rich musical tradition of organ music.  There are 65 known organs with some dating back to the late 17th century or possibly earlier. They range from those built on a grand scale,  such as the organ above in the Basilical of La Soledad in Oaxaca City to the charming smaller one in the church of San Jeronimo in the town of Tlacochahuaya, located about  thirty minutes outside of Oaxaca City.  

San Jeronimo, Tlacochahuaya

Watch video at: 
To see more of  the beautiful "Folk Baroque" church of San Jeronimo, Tlacochahuaya, please go to this link: 

For more information about the Historic Organs of Oaxaca here is a link to the website of the organization that is dedicated to the preservation of them: 

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