Monday, April 6, 2015

Video: Holy Saturday Procession

There is little that matches the splendor and intensity of Holy Week processions.  While many countries have sorts of processions around the time of Easter, those in Spain are the most elaborate, some having histories that date to the late middle ages.  When the Spaniards came to the New World they brought their traditions, including these 
processions; those in Antigua, Guatemala have stayed very true to their Spanish precedents.

Procession of Jesus del Milagro from San Felipe de Jesus Church, Antigua Guatemala

Holy Week processions are typically viewed from the street with great crowds thronging the route.  But even more interesting is seeing a procession as it begins inside of home church, the place where it starts and to which many hours later it will return.  It is difficult to get inside  a church to see the start of a procession, but below is a link to my video  that takes you inside a church to do this. The procession is from Holy Saturday, the day before Easter, in San Felipe de Jesus Church, Antigua Guatemala.  The focus of the procession is the main figure on the float, Virgen de la Soledad, a variant of the Virgin of Sorrows, the grieving mother of Jesus.

Holy Saturday Procession; San Felipe de Jesus Church, Antigua Guatemala
Here is the link to the video and I hope you enjoy it.

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