Friday, April 15, 2022

Semana Santa is Back

Good Friday Procession, Antigua Guatemala

For the past two years, because of the Covid pandemic, many Latin American countries cut back or eliminated Semana Santa (Holy Week) celebrations.  This year most of this vivid  pageantry is back on schedule.  

In the United States, Easter observances are subdued and more or less private, interior events, although there is communal worship.  In Mexico and Latin America, observance is more public and enacted rather than being a matter of solely personal devotion.  This brings the events of Holy Week, the time directly leading up to Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection, to life. The vivid displays are moving and unforgettable.  

                                              Building Sawdust Carpets, Antigua Guatemala

Procession, Antigua Guatemala

Good Friday Procession, Leon Nicaragua

Sawdust Carpet under construction, Leon Nicaragua

If you are unfamiliar with Semana Santa celebrations, I invite you to explore them through these links:

One of a kind Holy Wednesday tradition rooted in medieval penitential practices: 

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The beautiful sawdust carpets of Nicaragua and their significance. 

Granada Nicaragua's  picturesque and one of a kind Via Crucis (stations of the cross)  done on Lake Nicaragua in boats, 

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